Two more blogs on the 18th century

TodayI enter an additional blog, full of both history and juicy gossip. Of course the gossip is a bit old, but what the heck.

This is Marie-Antoinette's Gossip Guide. I do not believe that the Reine-Martyr went in for that sort of thing so it must refer to those who would gossip about Marie-Antoinette or her friends. Seriously though it has some interesting stuff in there. Many people know the kernal of history, but as I have said elswhere, it is the little things in history that remind us these were real people with real lives and real feelings. So in that way this is a good, nay excellent blog. It is coupled by the Duchess Georgiana's Gossip Guide whose link is found therein.


A tip of the beret to Lauren.

Vive la Reine!
Richard sieur de Brantigny (dit) Boisvert

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