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Sometimes Satan appears in a Roman Collar.

From Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit is this article on Fr Drinan.

Thank you Unborn Word of the Day for putting together this piece.

A funeral was held at St. Aloysius Church on Thursday, February 1, 2007 for former congressman Fr. Robert Drinan. Eulogists included Senator Edward Kennedy and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Rev. Drinan was a Roman Catholic priest who served in the House of Representatives from 1971-1981. Excerpts from these Eulogies.

Last week in a post entitled: The Catholic priest who killed the soul of the Democratic Party we talked about Father Robert Drinan’s deadly influence on Catholic politicians. Here is another account of how Father Drinan and the Kennedy family actually planned a strategy that would allow Catholics to support abortion when Robert Kennedy was running for President in 1964. The account would sound like a conspiracy theory except that it is well sourced from other priests who actually attended the meeting. We have also added three other sources at the end of the account (one from the Boston Globe) which talks about this 1964 meeting.


Dieu le Roy!
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