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Last night our parish had a new parishioner dinner, I was invited as I represented the Liturgy Committee, co-ordinate and instruct the Altar Servers, and am the Chairman of Christian Formation. A new parishioner, and fellow knight, Carlos Caso Rosendi and I spoke at length, and I discovered that Carlos is a writer, and has his own blog!

His Blog is here...

His latest writing is in work now, entitled "The Bible Path, A Practical Guide to Know the Biblical Foundations of the Catholic Faith". Carlos tells me it is a guide which takes the Catholic step by step to understanding the Scripture, how it relates to the Church, and (I think,) most importantly can be used to defend against the encroachments of Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormons.

He may be contacted here, to reserve a copy.

Carlos is from Argentina.

de Brantigny

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