Madame de Tourzel

Elena-Marie once again leads us to a timely article about the times of the terror. How we parallel those times now. I see the mob rioting in Denver and in Minneapolis-Saint Paul and I am reminded of the september massacres. Intellegent arguement is useless to a Jacobin or an anarcist.

Madame de Tourzel was a devout lady chosen by Marie-Antoinette to be governess of her children after Madame de Polignac had to flee from the Revolution in July of 1789. There are many people who wonder why the queen and her children did not also try to escape at that time. It is because Marie-Antoinette would not desert her husband. "I will die at his feet!" she exclaimed. (see Rocheterie's Histoire de Marie-Antoinette, vol ii) Louis XVI, of course, would not abandon his people. Early in the crisis the king and queen made the decision that they would not be parted from their children, but would keep them close at hand, not knowing what was going to transpire next in the tidal wave of events. So Marie-Antoinette chose as governess as trustworthy and reliable a person as she could find. "I entrusted my children to friendship," she remarked. "I entrust them now to virtue." More

Once again Thank You Elena-Maria. I get the parallel.

de Brantigny

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