Jeremia Wright, Barry and Mary

The parody never stops.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Compares Obama to Mary in Newark New Jersey at a Presbyterian Church crowd. Find the story here...

"Lord told him, an ordinary black boy, ‘You can be a state senator and you can bring folk to the bargaining table who not only do not talk to one another, these folk don’t like one another.’

"He did what the Lord said," Mr. Wright continued, "an ordinary black boy like Mary was an ordinary little girl."

Catholic to Jeremiah Wright, Mary was no ordinary little girl, She was born with out original sin. She is the Theotokos, She is the Queen of the Angels, She is the Virgin of Virgins, She is the Co-Mediatrix...Jerimiah Wright, I know Mary and Barack Obama is no Mary.

That being said, I am glad to hear that a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ, when speaking to a Presbyterian crowd should realize that the Virgin Mary has a role in salvation.

...In a related story, Donna Brazile has compared Obama to Jesus as she compares Sarah Palin to Pilate, more here... She just had to go there.

Make it STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Joseph Fromm at Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit.

Wasn't Georgtown University once a "Catholic" University?

de Brantigny

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