George III and Charlotte von Mecklinburg und Strelitz

Today, September 8, not only being the Feast of the Nativity, the birthday of Richard the Lionhearted, (and my birthday) it is also the anniversary of the marriage of George III and Queen Charlotte. Queen Charlotte is the namesake of the Queen city, Charlotte, North Carolina, which is located in Meckenburg county.

The King married in the Chapel Royal, St James's Palace, Duchess Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, whom he met on their wedding day. A fortnight later, both were crowned at Westminster Abbey. George remarkably never took a mistress (in contrast with both his Hanoverian predecessors and his sons), and the couple enjoyed a genuinely happy marriage. They had 15 children—nine sons and six daughters. In 1762, the King purchased Buckingham House (now Palace) for use as a family retreat.

George III is of course best know for being the King who relieved the 13 American colonies from allegeance to the crown, and because of the recent motion picture The Madness of George III.George III's reign was marked by troubles with the parlement, the loss of the colonies and his congenital desease porphyria, which had occasion to drive him mad.

Vive le Roy.
de Brantigny


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