Geneticists Obtained Genetic Code from a DNA Sample of Tsar St Nikolai II

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Yekaterinburg, 2 September 2008 (Interfax):

Geneticists at the Sverdlovsk oblast bureau of forensic medical examination announced that they had extracted DNA from a sample taken from a bloodstain on a jacket once worn by Tsar St Nikolai II. They obtained the sample by moistening gauze with distilled water and applying it to the area, Nikolai Nevolin, the head of the bureau, reported to Interfax. “We were able to establish a genetic profile for Nikolai II. We did this with 13 loci (locus: linear section of chromosome: Interfax) of autosomal DNA and 15 loci from the Y-chromosome. So, we shall be able to carry out tests using 28 loci, this is much more than usual, in fact, it is more than twice the number usually used in such tests”, he explained.

Professor Nevolin said that it would be possible very shortly to compare this DNA sample with the DNA of the remains found at the first burial site in the outskirts of Yekaterinburg in 1991. “Our laboratory did not investigate the remains found at the first burial site that were reputed to be Nikolai II. Therefore, we do not have available genetic data on Skeleton no. 4, which according to the results of previous tests, was identified as being Nikolai II. Therefore, as soon as other labs can give us a genetic profile of the tsar, we shall have the ability to compare the data”, he said.

The blood on the tsar’s jacket, which is kept in storage at the Hermitage (large art museum in St Petersburg: editor’s note), was the result of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Nikolai II in Japan whilst he was still Tsarevich. A Japanese policeman attacked him with a sword, wounding him. It is planned to compare the DNA sample taken from the bloodstain with profiles taken from the remains found at the first burial site on Staroy Koptyakovskoy Road on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg, which earlier were declared to be the remains of the last Russian tsar. This shall enable the remains to be identified with a high degree of accuracy.


http://www.interfax-religion.ru/?act=news&div=26314 (in Russian)

Editor’s Note:

Watch for the Church to declare the relics buried in 1998 as genuine after these new tests. The true reason for the Church not taking such a stance in 1998 was very simple, and it was due to church politics. At that time, the ROCOR was led by a senile obscurantist, Vitaly Ustinov (He was so barmy that he was ousted three years later because his senility was harming the ROCOR… oh, that’s right… he “resigned”… believe what you will!). Vitaly and his confederates absolutely refused to accept the remains found as relics of the Royal Martyrs. The MP did not wish to queer any future reconciliation with the ROCOR (such did occur in 2007, thanks be to God!), so, the MP took a skeptical, almost agnostic, position on the remains. They were buried in the imperial crypt, but, they were not named at the pannikhida.*

In my view, if the tests are at all positive, there is going to be a grand declaration of the genuineness of the remains made by the Church, probably not in Moscow, but, at Yekaterinburg or Ganina Yama. I believe that the relics shall be translated to the memorial church of the Spas-na-Krovi (Saviour on the Spilled Blood) in Yekaterinburg and put out for veneration in many cities along the route. It shall be one of the BIGGEST religious events in Russian history. One of the first to venerate the authenticated relics shall be Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral of the ROCOR, just you see!

I believe that it shall happen as I have written because it would be the logical capstone to the patriarchal reign of Aleksei Rediger. It would be a logical time for either a resignation on health grounds (he shall be 80 in 2009) or the naming of a younger coadjutor to assist him. Somehow, I don’t believe that Kirill Gundyaev’s ambitions are going to bear fruit…

Merci and a tip of the beret to Vara.

de Brantigny

*Memorial service
ICON of the Tsar is from the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia
Orthodox Church, Reno, Nevada

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