Anne de Gaulle

Elena-Marie has an interesting link to the Western Confucian about Anne de Gaulle that I had never known... read the story.

Anne de Gaulle

The lovely photograph above of Le Général and his youngest daughter comes from an article by Michael Gerson on America's "4-month-old civil rights leader" — Trig's Breakthrough.

Mr. Gerson: The family struggles of political leaders can be morally instructive. Contrast the attitude of Joseph Kennedy with that of Charles de Gaulle, who treated his daughter Anne, born with Down syndrome in 1928, with great affection. The image of this arrogant officer rocking Anne in his arms at night speaks across the years. After her death and burial at age 20, de Gaulle turned to his wife and said, "Come. Now she is like the others."

"Maintenant, elle est comme les autres." From the Wikipedia entry on Anne de Gaulle, we learn that she "was never separated from her family" and "relatives all testified that the General, who was normally undemonstrative in his affections for his family, was more open and extroverted with Anne." We also learn that the daughter may have interceded for the father who loved her so:

On 22 August 1962, Charles de Gaulle was the victim of an attempted assassination at Petit-Clamart. He later said that the potentially fatal bullet had been stopped by the frame of the photograph of Anne that he always carried with him, placed this particular day on the rear shelf of his car. When he died in 1970, he was buried in the cemetery of Colombey beside his beloved daughter.

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What an amazing story. Thanks to you and Elena-Maria.

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It is time for all Americans and people everywhere to remember that Sarah Palin was not the first.