The Affair of the Necklace, revisited

Popular opinion created among the uninformed can be a terrible thing. The French people led to believe the worst about Marie-Antoinette were only too glad to read of any scandal falsely placed on her. It was not bad enough that advantage was taken of her by a prelate of the church, but that the actual thief escaped any actual punishment. How man is driven down by his base instincts. Elena-Maria has another insight to the "Affair of the Necklace" which may be found here...

That Hollywood would make a movie that makes Marie-Antoinette out to be a flagrantly extravagant and greedy Queen is another indication of how they will change history to suit their needs. I think what offends me the most is that somewhere, someone thinks that is history.

Thanks for the article Elena-Maria.

Just a note, Marie-Antoinette is rarely seen in contemporary portraits with an over abundance of jewelry, and especially not gaudy jewelry. She was refined, and subtle in her choice of adornment. La Reine-Martyr was a natural beauty, she needed no assistance by diamonds.

Dieu sauve la Reine!
de Brantigny

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