St Andrews relics

Icon of Apostle St Andrew the First-Called (Andrei Pervozvanny) (St Andrei Rublyov, 1408). Click to enlarge.

Unique relics that were earlier thought as lost forever, then, irreparably damaged, will soon return to Orthodox believers in Chelyabinsk oblast. A reliquary with the relics of Apostle St Andrew the First-called will first make a long tour of Russian cities and, then, will return to its “native place”, the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chelyabinsk. The history of the reliquary dates back to the late 19th century. In 1884, the then-rector of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Fr Ivan Dneprovsky, visited a hermitage on Mount Athos, where the monks presented him with parts of the relics of Apostle St Andrew the First-Called. He had a reliquary specially-made for the relics in St Petersburg. For several decades, the priceless relics were kept in the church, but, in the 1930s, the atheist government confiscated the relics. Yet, the reliquary was not melted down as was the rule at the time; it became an exhibit in the atheistic propaganda section in the Chelyabinsk museum. With time, the relics were lost amongst the museum stocks and were forgotten for many years.

Only recently, Orthodox priests were allowed into the museum’s closed stocks. There, under thick layers of dust, they saw the damaged old reliquary. True, it was empty, the relics, the most important item, were missing. Someone secretly took them away from Chelyabinsk. By an accident, it became known that the relics did not perish. Several months ago, a monk found relics of Apostle St Andrew the First-Called in the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Lavra near Moscow. Who took the relics to the monastery still remains a mystery. Unfortunately, art experts came to the conclusion that the original reliquary cannot be restored. Master jewellers from Zlatoust offered their help; they made an exact copy of the original reliquary and decorated it with 10 kilogrammes (22 pounds) of jasper, brass, gold, and silver.

Patriarch Aleksei II of Moscow and all-Russia blessed the return of the relics to the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the south of the Urals. The Diocese of Chelyabinsk described the forthcoming event as a miraculous rediscovery of the relics of Apostle St Andrew, one of the most-respected amongst the Orthodox saints. A spokesman for the Moscow Patriarchate, Bishop Mark of Yegorevsk, said, “The rediscovery of the relics of St Andrew is a miracle and good omen for all Orthodox believers since he is our country’s enlightener. Apostle St Andrew is believed to have crossed our country. He was in Kiev and foretold that God would erect numerous churches there; he reached the city of Novgorod, and in such a way he blessed our land. Therefore, Holy Russia always venerated Apostle St Andrew in a very special and reverent manner”.

At present, the reliquary with the relics is in the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Lavra near Moscow. On 3 September, it will leave the monastery, and residents of many Russian cities will be able to venerate the relics of St Andrew. By the end of next month, after a long interval of nearly 100 years, the relics will finally return to Chelyabinsk.

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