Some things that really make me mad about TV

OK I am going to vent. Sorry. but it is therapeutic...

This is disgusting.

A new TV program is on cable called HURL. This is a contestant type program where the entrants eat as much as they can and then do thing to make them regurgitate. The last one to do so wins. What! This is called gluttony, and it is one of the 7 deadly sins. Is is just another indication of how low we have sunk in the west.

America Next Top Model (CW network) has decided to feature a transvestite model, this program is aired during prime time.

OK I'm done now and I feel better.

Mind what your kids watch on the television (I used to call it the boob tube, but it ain't funny any more).

Nope, no links take my word for it. It is scandle enough just writing it up.

God save us,
de Brantigny

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