Sébastien Rale Jesuit Martyr ,"They Took His Scalp"

Joseph Fromm has an article on Fr Sabastien Rale, a Jesuit martyr...

The border of what came to be the maritime provinces of Canada and New England was not fixed until 1842. The first half of the 18th century, the territory was disputed between French l’Acadie and English Massachusetts, and of course there were the aboriginals. There is the high school history question, “Who won the French and Indian War†?” Well, those were not the competitors, but the allied opponents of the British empire, of which the colonies, which were to form the United States, were a part.

In that territory, the French and the Indians were united in faith. That faith, was the ancient faith that was demonised by the Calvinists of Massachusetts. more...

Father Rale has had a cause opened for him, you may read more here...

Until the advent of the Europeans Indians did not scalp their enemies. It was not until the Dutch offered money for the scalps taken in battle that the "Sauvage" lifted scalps.

de Brantigny

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