Paris ! Paris outragé ! Paris brisé ! Paris martyrisé ! Mais ... Paris Libéré !

I don't know how I missed this yesterday. I apologize to my French friends.

25 August 1944 . The liberation to the capital of France from the Nazi.
On 26 August 1944, de Gaulle walks from the Arc de Triomphe to Notre Dame, in triumphant acclaim. Behind him to his left is Général Leclerc; to his right, Resistance leader George Bidault.

General de Gaulle marched upright though the streets of Paris (unconcerned by the snipers) to the cathedral of Notre Dame. In Notre Dame, a Te Deum was sung even as shots rang out inside the cathedral. Who exactly the snipers were remains unknown. Two snipers who were caught elsewhere in the city, were killed by the enraged crowd before they could be interrogated.

The Capital of France and the honour of the nation is restored...

Vive la France!
de Brantigny

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