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While doing research for an article on the Russian Imperial Martyrs, I came across this blog, which with the owners permission I have added to my list of blogs. I may seem incongruous that I should at this point choose to add a blog which is Russian in nature. My reasons are first, the blog has a lot of excellent information that I am looking for, second I have not yet formed an opinion about the Russian intervention in Georgia.

A word about history, sometimes it comes back to you in ways you wouldn't expect. Here is a short story from the opening days of the American Civil War, The Trent Affair. Two commissioners, were sent by the Confederate Government to treat with France and England. On the high seas they were captured and placed in Fort Monroe Virginia. The Confederate government as well as France and England, complained to the world that the commissioners were taken. in the end the commissioners were released, but not with out a final irony, in the letter to the British Government the Secretary of State added "...this error the British government has the right to expect the same reparation that we as an independent state should expect from Great Britain or from any other friendly nation on a similar case..." Thus recalling the impressment of American citizens by the British prior to the war of 1812.

In 1962 the then President John F Kennedy reminded Nickita Kruschev about the Monroe Doctrine. After a tense few days the Russian government removed missiles from Cuba. The United States rightly regarded the emplacement of missiles on our "doorstep" as a provocation to the safety of the United States.

Now what I may or may not think of Vladimir Putin does not in any way diminish my thinking that maybe the administration should have completely thought the action of close relations with Georgia through. It is the Monroe doctrine in reverse. It is not a matter of thinking "what is fair for one is fair for all". Right is right and wrong is wrong(1). If we make a decision to do things which we ourselves would not permit, we can not take the moral high ground and not have any creditability.

It is not as though this couldn't have been foreseen. We in America woke up one morning and as we shook the grogginess out of our heads, said "I thought the cold war was over". The relations between the US and Russia, the only two superpowers have deteriorated since the end of the cold war, mistakes have been on both sides, and Russia is not the only one at fault. I pray for peace, and I pray for closer ties between our two nations.

The blog, "Voices from Russia, sources from the Homeland and Diaspora", will be added to my blog roll. Welcome to the author and owner Vara Drezhlo.

de Brantigny

(1). Quote from Sgt Maj Max Swartzenbach, USMC, my former Sgt Major, who had a unique way of getting to the core of a problem.

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