"God, France, and Marguerite"

Elena-Maria Vidal has placed this on her site today...

Saint Louis IX, King of France, whose feast we celebrate today, is the epitome of the Christian knight, king and crusader. He is the patron saint of Franciscan tertiaries. In addition to his administrative duties as king, he prayed the daily Mass and Divine Office. His strong interior life aided him in being a competent ruler and a father to his people.

While still a teenager, St. Louis married a beautiful princess from the south of France, Marguerite de Provence. She was also pious, although not as devout as Louis. Inside his wedding ring, he had three words inscribed: "God, France, and Marguerite." They had eleven children. King Louis had a secret staircase built from his study to his wife's parlor above so that he could visit her during the day without his mother knowing it. Louis' mother, Queen Blanche, thought that Louis should concentrate solely upon his work. She also may have feared that Marguerite might gain too much political influence over Louis, and so tried to keep the young lovers/spouses apart as much as possible.

Blanche went to extremes by making young Louis leave Marguerite when she was suffering after a particularly difficult childbirth and wanted her husband to hold her hand. Blanche told Louis that it was not his place to be in the birthing room and Louis obeyed his mother. Marguerite was quite distressed although she forgave Louis. more...

Dieu le Roy!
de Brantigny


Joseph Fromm said...

Now, I like Louis, want to hold my wifes hand during childbirth. I am however not opposed to getting out of the room and leaving a little mystery .



de Brantigny said...

Well now Joseph. I have been to the birth of all my children. I have even cut the ambilical cords. To be nautical about it. I was there for the laying of the keel, I was there for the construction, I will be there for the furling of the sails for the journey of life, I should be there for the launching.

Men should not leave it up to someone else. It is a miracle.