on Nancy Pelosi and Abortion

Nancy Pelosi said the Doctors of the Catholic Church can't even decide when life begins. She then went on to "quote" Saint Augustine, as saying life (ensoulment) begins at three months. St Augustine lived until A.D. 430, long before any Christian would consider abortion. During his life he tried every heresy and sin that came along, until he converted...

Pelosi like many ex-Catholics relies on the fact that she will be addressing a non-Catholic who will consider her a subject expert.

What Nancy, does the Catechism say? Here, I will quote it for you...

2258 'Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains for ever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human being.'

2268 The fifth commandment forbids direct and intentional killing as gravely sinful. The murderer and those who co-operate voluntarily in murder commit a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance.

Nancy, if you need a copy of the catechism, write me and I will send you a copy.

Until then, I say this in Christian Charity, truly repent, you are old, and to die in a state of obstinate disobedience to God places your soul in mortal danger of Hell.

Read about the referenced position on history and abortion as verbalized by Madame Speaker Pelosi, here...

de Brantigny

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