Back again

After a week of no blogging I have returned. It has been a gruelling week of re certification, and demonstrating my skills. I should like to thank those who in spite of my absence have seen fit to visit.

A lot has happened this last week.

My father went into the hospital on Friday and my mother-in-law went in on Saturday. Please pray for them.

The Olympics have started in China, who has not come through with their agreement to control pollution, human rights in Tibet, or freedom of expression with in that country. It seems as though one of the worst polluters in the world is given a pass by Al Gore. Al Gore has said in the past that the United States is a major cause of green house gasses. He has remained a bit reticent about the whole thing. Incidentally it is 82 degrees F. in Raleigh today.

Russia has invaded Georgia. No they are not marching on 'Lanta like Uncle Billy Sherman, but they are doing what has been learned from their communist examples. They are throwing their weight around. If anyone hasn't noticed, this is a slap in the face of the United States whose ally is the former soviet republic of Georgia, and who has troops fighting alongside of Americans in Iraq. Thanks God for the UN...

The cost of oil is down. Aunt Nancy Pelosi is still on vacation while the media focuses on the congressmen who remained behind in Washington to protest the failure of the House to pass a comprehensive energy bill. Nancy told America what the house would do with a Democratic majority and she has. They have done nothing. Of course Nancy doesn't have to drive to work, she has someone to do that for her. Congress will vote themselves a pay raise(1) to off set the cost of living though.

I made a pilgrimage to Walmart this weekend. I hate Walmart, not for getting a profit, but for being so damn big. I have never just gotten in and out except at 7 AM. It is at least a 2 hour ordeal. The fashion terrorists were out in force. I wish we had a Department of Homeland Fashion Security. Here are some no-no's in fashion. Women in tank tops who are one tattoo short of the perfect woman, the barbed wire thing around the arm, the rose bush on the hand which culminates in a bud above the breast, and the green thing on the ankle which looks like there is a growth there. Men in purple suit coat, shirt, tie, shoes and trousers. hats worn at odd angles on the head. I used to take mine off, now I leave it at home. Teen aged girls wearing tee shirts, printed with all manner of vulgarity, (who are not to be burdened with a bra). I long for the day when I hear, " Fashion accident on aisle 7 housewares...

The unfortunate thing is I see the same kind of thing at Mass... I have seen at Mass, "Mettalica" tee shirts, gum chewing going to communion, grown men in short pants just run in for Mass then back to the fishing boat... Flip flops, tank tops, excessive makeup on little girls... I could go on but I will get sick. Is it any wonder why we are losing Priests and the faithful? Now about thjose protestant hymns...

Well that's off my chest...

(1) Actually it is a negative vote, in other words they have to vote NOT to raise their pay or it is automatic.

God save us,
de Brantigny

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