Why Hate Monarchs?

From the Lugwig von Misses Institute we find this by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
I present an excerpt...

Democracy in its purest sense should mean nothing but a peaceful transition of political officeholders. That is the sense in which Ludwig von Mises favored the idea: as an alternative to violent revolution. But democracy, as the system has been applied in this century, has come to mean something else. The democratic state is supposed to embody the people's will-or the "general will," in Rousseau's phrase. Hans-Hermann Hoppe calls this democracy "the god that failed."

Democracy has turned out to be not majority rule but rule by well-organized and well-connected minority groups who steal from the majority. It has also spawned exactly what Woodrow Wilson desired most: autocratic and centrally consolidated government. It is not a coincidence that government has grown as the franchise has been extended: more and more groups have been given the opportunity to help themselves to the liberty and property of others.

de Brantigny

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