Sex and the modern Catholic

...The transmission of human life is a most serious role in which married people collaborate freely and responsibly with God the Creator. It has always been a source of great joy to them, even though it sometimes entails many difficulties and hardships... Humanae Vitae

I remember the first Mass after Humanae Vitae was published. Each pew at St. Viators Parish had a copy of the encyclical placed in it. The pastor rose to the pulpit and spoke on it. I don't remember that. What I do remember is asking my parents what it was all about and they wouldn't say. Why? I have some clues in the fact that there are only three of us in a time when Catholic families tended to be bigger, and because my parents did not receive the Blessed Sacrement until, well recently. Undoubtedly they felt they were doing their best for my brother, sister and I. We never felt unloved, we were never abused, (as I look back now). It is remarkable now that my aunts on either side of my family never had big families. Only my uncle Charles and aunt Patricia had more that three children. What the hell was going on?

in 1968, Vatican II had just ended. The feeling in the church was (as I remember) becoming more in line with the thinking of mainstream world view. Priests were becoming more political, more worldly. As a child I was petrified of priests. They were next to God in the mind of an 8th grader. We found out they were human as well. I think we as a church forgot that the most important things about the Church to be come more collegial. We began to believe that all that mattered was that we felt good upon leaving Mass. The priest stopped telling us about sin, and slipped into the easy "I'm ok, your ok." homilies.

So I think the families in the church got the idea that, if they have a couple of children their responsibility to God is finished, completed. If they had only read what was in Humanae Vitae possibly would have seen as did Pope Paul VI did what was in store. Was it the desire for the beginning of the me generation which caused us to ignore Humanae Vitae? Was it a poor explanation to the encyclical, or a opposition to preach this with a the correct zeal.

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit has a redirect to this web page, called the Tablet.

Tablet Special: Humanae Vitae 40 years on

Publication of Humanae Vitae 40 years ago was a seismic moment in the history of the Catholic Church. Today most practising Catholics ignore its teaching on birth control and more than half think it should be revised. This is the central finding of a major survey commissioned by The Tablet

By the time the contraceptive pill came on the market in 1962, Catholic couples had begun to wonder if it was the answer to their prayers: a reliable and convenient method of birth control they could use with the Church's blessing. The hopes of a great many Catholics were dashed with the publication of Paul VI's encyclical, Humanae Vitae on 29 July 1968 which forbad the use of all artificial forms of contraception including the Pill.

Exactly 40 years later, a major study conducted by The Tablet has found that its teaching is ignored by the great majority of Mass-going Catholics. This is one of the main findings contained in part two of our survey of 1,500 Catholics from parishes across England and Wales. Although almost half have never heard of Humanae Vitae, a large majority is aware of the Church's ban on artificial birth control and more than half believe it should be revised.

Part two of the survey asks a broad range of questions surrounding sex, relationships and contraception and the Church's teaching. It has found that a large proportion of otherwise faithful Catholics are using a range of artificial contraceptives, especially condoms and the contraceptive pill. More than half the adults aged 18 to 45 lived with their partner before getting married and a majority would not consider discussing their family's size and contraception with their priest. The latter point may well be related to modern Catholics' reluctance to go to confession, as confirmed in part one of our survey. more...

I finally figured out the reason it is called Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit. (dopey me)

Thanks and a slap to the forehead to Joseph Fromm.

de Brantigny

PS, Everything Pope Paul VI predicted has come true...Licentiousness, Abortion

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