Serbia issued an ultimatum from Austria-Hungary

94 years ago yesterday Austria-Hungary issued an ultimatum to Serbia demanding Serbia to allow the Austrians to determine who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The demands send by Austria-Hungary were couched in such terms that the Serbians were sure to refuse them. This refusal was used as an excuse by Austria-Hungary for the Austria-Hungarian army to invade Serbia.

The pending invasion of Serbia led the Russians to mobilize thus drawing Germany in to the war on the side of Austria-Hungary. The German mobilization induced France to mobilize in support of the Russians. Germany invaded Belgium on August 1 in response to the French mobilization. As Belgium was invaded Britain mobilized to aid the Belgians to honour their almost hundred year treaty. World War I begins.

This war was to last 4 years, destroy or weaken every monarchy in Europe, and set the stage for the next World War. 94 years on and we still haven't learned much.

Dieu Le Roy!
de Brantigny

The above print shows pointedly how little did any power in Europe know what the war would mean.

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