New-style church being born in France,

From a new blog I found written by a priest in Ireland, Clerical Whispers
The Eldest Daughter suffers still...

Perhaps what is already happening in the French Catholic Church is an indication of where Irish Catholicism is headed.

IT HAS often been said that France has her crises before the rest of Europe - whether it be the French Revolution itself, or the student revolt of 1968, or the alienation of people from the churches.

There is one such crisis where France is ahead of Ireland, and that is in its shortage of Roman Catholic priests. France is also ahead in its response to that shortage. In essence the lay people have taken over the local church and run it for themselves.

In one diocese in northern France there is only one priest to serve 27 parishes. It means the priest has been reduced to the role of circuit rider who drops by on rare occasions to offer a Mass and consecrate some hosts. For the rest of the time the people run their church themselves. In 2001 the diocese of Nice had to reduce its 265 parishes down to 47.

Blessed Virgin Mary, Pray for France.
St Madeline, Pray for France.
Ste Genevieve, Pray for France.
St Denis, Pray for France.
St Jean Vianney, Pray for France.
St Jeanne d'Arc, Pray for France.
Guardian Angel of France, Pray for France.
All the saints of France, Pray for France.
Oh Lord hear our prayers that we couple with those who are present with you.
Let France never be with out Your consecrated body in the Eucharist.

Dieu Le Roy.
de Brantigny

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