The new Royal Gates at Versailles: replicas or frauds?

Versailles and more has published a new entry entitled "The new Royal Gates at Versailles: replicas or frauds?" written by Catherine Delors.

...The new Royal Gates of Versailles have just been inaugurated in the midst of much media fanfare. The Daily Telegraph, quoting Frédéric Didier, Chief Architect of of France's Historical Monuments, assures us that the new gates are exact copies of the originals built in the 1680s, under the reign of Louis XIV. "It was very well documented, which allows us to create a faithful replica,"says Mr. Didier.

Not so, replies The Art Tribune. Apparently there is no reliable way of determining what the original gates, destroyed during the Revolution, looked like. These new gates are guesswork, loosely based on mutually inconsistent drawings and authentic gates found elsewhere in Versailles. The Art Tribune also questions the taste, ethics and cost (over $5 million) of the operation. The installation of the new gates destroyed part of Louis-Philippe's contributions to the entrance of the palace...more

Merci Catherine

Dieu le Roy.
de Brantigny

An view from space using google maps may be found here...

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Catherine Delors said...

You are most welcome, Richard!

I believe the (Louis-Philippe) gates shown on your post are gone now! I will go check it out one of these days.