Marie-Antoinette's best likeness

Catherine Delors offers us this for today...

This portrait shows Marie-Antoinette in 1788, when she was 33. It was painted by Adolf Ulrik Wermuller, a Swede who was a member of the Royal Academy in Paris.

Indeed, according to Madame Campan's Memoirs, this is, along with the more famous portrait of the Queen with her children by Madame Vigee-Lebrun, the best likeness of Marie-Antoinette.

Madame Campan, as the Queen's Premiere Femme de Chambre, or First Chambermaid, saw Marie-Antoinette on a daily basis. I trust her judgment on the matter of the likeness,

Thanks and a Tip of the beret to Catherine at Versailles and more.

Dieu Le Roy.
de Brantigny


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