Lambeth: African prelate demands resignation of gay bishop

Posted: 29 Jul 2008 03:27 AM CDT

Lambeth: African prelate demands resignation of gay bishop

London, Jul. 23, 2008 (CWNews.com) - An Anglican archbishop from Sudan has called upon an openly homosexual American bishop to step down "in order to preserve the unity of the Anglican communion."

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul, speaking to the world's Anglican leaders at the Lambeth Conference, said that Bishopo Gene Robinson of New Hampshire must resign his post. He added that the other Anglican leaders who ordained Robinson should "confess to the conference" that they were wrong to do so.

Although he is taking part in the Lambeth Conference, Archbishop Deng reminded his colleagues that nearly 250 Anglican bishops are boycotting the event, primarily because of the split opened by the appointment of Bishop Robinson. Most of the prelates involved in the boycott are from Africa, where the Anglican communion has experienced robust growth in recent years.

Speaking on behalf of those African Anglicans, Archbishop Deng said that the acceptance of homosexual relations "violated Anglican norms." He reported that the willingness of American and European church leaders to accept homosexuality had caused major problems for Anglican churches in Africa. "We are being called 'infidels' by the Islamic world," he told them.

The Sudanese archbishop complained that the Lambeth Conference has not allowed for a forthright discussion of homosexuality, and exhorted leaders of the Anglican world to begin that conversation.

A spokesman for Bishop Robinson said that the American prelate had no intention of resigning.

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