Head of the Romanovs' Family hopes Russia will become monarchy

Head of the Romanovs' Imperial Family of Russia Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna hopes that Russia will be some time ready to become monarchy again, reports Interfax-Religion.

"By all means, I believe in the future of monarchy in Russia, or rather, I want to believe that the values of this system will be understood and valued by Russians again," Grand Duchess said in her interview published Wednesday by the Rossiiskiye Vesti.

At the same time, she said that she would object, if "someone proposed to restore monarchy against the will of my fellow-countrymen."

"Even the best intentions fail, if they are imposed by force. Now people still feel the weight of the hundred year's long antimonarchist propaganda. It takes time for the people to understand that the monarchy is a progressive and up-to-date system which combines the best experience of a centuries-long history of Russia and modern reality," Maria Vladimirovna said.

Grand Duchess explained that the Imperial Family and she were "president's associates, rather than his opposition." "And we do not intend to get involved in any political struggle, we only would like to be helpful to this country and facilitate favorable changes here," Maria Vladimirovna said.

Commenting the commitment of some of her relatives, descendants of the Romanovs' Imperial Family, to republican ideas, she said that "a member of the Imperial Family following the republican ideas is the same as the Church professing atheism."

"It makes me sad to see when some of our relatives are involved is a strange and useless policy, denouncing the ideals encouraged by their ancestors. It is too bad that they pay no attention to efficient democratic monarchy systems in Europe. If their republican views concern Russia only, that means they consider Russia as a second rate country."

I will rejoice on that day. God Save the Tsar.
de Brantigny

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radical royalist said...

We all hope the return of a real Monarch to Russia would put the country back on track with the development of Europe. Since the murder of the Imperial Family 90 years ago Russia followed wrong ideologies. The current president could be a wise statesmen if he would recognise the merits of a Constitutional Monarchy.