The eating habit of Marie-Antoinette

That I should redirect to this post should be some indication of the high regard that I place the author. History is not just made up of great battles and statesmen. It is made up of the everyday lives of people. When one can read or touch some item or feel a closeness (good or bad) to those that lived before us is the beginning of understanding the past. Catherine Delores has just such and article today, it may be found here. You will see that even then there was such a thing as culture shock. Visitors to Europe today can be seen in places like McDonald's, there is a Pizza Hut in Bahrain, and a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Okinawa. In Marie-Antoinette's Paris there were no Mac D's, or Pizza huts...

Marie Antoinette's unsung legacy to French food: the croissant.

If you watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, you know that the late Queen liked to be surrounded by pyramids of gorgeous pastries and followed a macaroon-and-champagne diet. Or did she?

Well, according to contemporary accounts, not at all. The etiquette required the King and Queen to take some of their meals in public, in front of the courtiers and visitors. Anyone decently dressed was admitted in Versailles, and many came to the Palace to watch the royal couple eat.

...Before work today I watched on scene from the film Marie-Antoinette. The scene was where the new Duc d'Angoulême is born and Marie_Antoinette is seen purging her despair with the ladies of the court eating and buying clothes. Truly this is an additional martyrdom for the Queen. No woman could eat so much candy and pastry and remain thing as she looks in her portraits.

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