Due to the influx of spam received as comments I have added a word verification.

I am sorry to have to do this. I do not mind entrepreneurial efforts but I refuse to allow my blog to be used as an advertising medium.

de Brantigny


Louis la Vache said...

Indeed, comment spam seems to be on the upswing across the blogosphere.

"Louis" thanks you for your recent visits and your kind comments about Mme. la Vache.

If "Louis's" blogs look a little odd, it is because he's been having a lot of grief with Blogger. Blogger is causing browser crashes and the graphics on "Louis's" blogs have gone missing without "Louis" taking them from the template. Very strange...

de Brantigny said...

I have also had to change my template.

I havent had any problem with my site which is profoundly more political than yours.

Keep up the good work and hug your wife.

de Brantigny