Coifs update

Catherine Delors, a native of Normandy, has sent me a photo of a Norman coif. At first I contemplated just adding this picture to the original post but I decided to just make a short posting with this new picture.

She writes, (This is)"...probably the most popular type in Normandy. It is so high that it has to be supported by a wire armature."

"The one in the picture is clearly a modern copy, but the antique ones are worth small fortunes."

"...About French regional costumes, and women's dress in particular, they became fixed in the 19th century. What strikes me is the huge differences between places no more than a dozen miles apart. You also had distinctive types of coifs for certain occupations, such as fishwives. In places such as Normandy and Brittany there was (and still is) a great deal of hostility between peasants and people who make a living off the sea. That was reflected in different ways of dressing, even in the same town. Also maidens did not always wear the same type of headdress as married women..."

Thanks and tip of the beret (very passe') to Catherine at Versailles and More.

de Brantigny

For what ever reason the original post is one of my most accessed posts.


Catherine Delors said...

Berets are never passe, Richard!

Note that the man is wearing a "bleu de Nimes" (denim) jacket and waistcoat. Still in use by Normand peasants to this day.

de Brantigny said...

Isnt it refreshing to see men and woman dressing like men an woman?
Where I live the clothing is somewhat lax. Wome wear tight pants an a tank top and men were the same thing, except the younger men 13-24,25 "bust a Sag" that is they wear 4 sizes too big and the crotch is at theire knees.
Some times they come to church like that too.
Thanks for the comment, and I do wear a black beret just not in the summer.