Sacred Heart Badge

Elena-Maria reminds us of the Sacred Heart today at Tea at Trianon. We know that her Sacred Heart Badge brought the Reine-Martyre Marie-Antoinette much comfort in her last days.

"We rose hastily," says Madame Royale . . . "My poor brother was asleep; they pulled him roughly from his bed to search it . . . They took from my mother the address of a shop, from my Aunt Élisabeth a stick of sealing-wax, and from me a Sacred Heart of Jesus and a Prayer for France."
That Sacred Heart of Jesus and that Prayer for France were closer bound together than would seem at first; and perhaps she needed all her faith in the one to be able at that moment to pray for the other.

~from The Duchesse d'Angoulême by C-A Sainte-Beuve

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Vive Le roy!
de Brantigny

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