Quebec Flags

I do not know why, but the sight of so many Fleur de Lys brings joy to my heart. Could it be that all these fine Quebecois have read my blog?

Here you may find a selection of histoical Quecbeois flags. You may print it off for free (or if you are a Canadien Citizen you can order them for free).

Here is a site which carries plates and history of the flags of France, from Clovis to the present.

And here you may find a site on Quebec.

Here find the site, "Nec Pluribus Impar" which has a history of French regiments during the 7 Years War with plates showing Regimental uniforms and Drapeaux. Alas, it is incomplete however Jean-Louis Vial does work on it ceaselessly.

Vive Le Roi!
de Brantigny

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