Oudenarde 1708-2008

On July 11 1708, four European powers stood in alliance. The armies of England, Prussia and Hanover, as well as the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands were poised against France in the War Of Spanish Succession. This July those powers will again face each other as part of a reenactment to commemorate the conflict.

This will be an absolute unique historical event on a rarely seen scale in Flanders! 240 infantry, 40 cavalrymen and at least 40 guns, come to Oudenaarde for the 300th anniversary reenactment 11-13 July 2008. There will be historical reenactment groups from Ireland, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Danemark, and Norway. Special attention will be addressed in the clothing and arms of the participants.

For more information see here...

The wiki entry on the Battle of Oudenarde is here...

Vive Louis XIV!
de Brantigny


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A reenactor said...

I was a participant at the Battle of Oudenaarde, a fantastic event for all involved. I'm not sure if you are in France or Belgium but I recommend with your interests that you might like to join The Gardes Francoises and reenact the Royal bodyguard of the Kings of France.

de Brantigny said...

A Reenactor, Thanks for your comment and complement. I am an American of French decent. I have reenacted the 7 Years War in America, and the ACW. I have a great intrest in the war of Austrian sucession and Spanish sucession.

here are some articles:







de Brantigny

Kendal (Webb's Regt). said...

I agree. You really should have come to Oudenaarde. We had English, Italian, Irish, Spanish, French, Norweigens, Dutch as the main groups with an assortment of other odds and ends too.

We had three good battles.

With luck the 'final' big battle will be on at Malplaquet next year. Keep your eyes out - we need more French troops! There's also events on at Almansa in Spain and possibly one up in Norway.

de Brantigny said...

I thank all of you who have taken the time to comment on this article. I especially thank you for asking me to join in the event at Malplaquet. You do know I live in the US right...?

If you send me an after action report I will post it, along with any photos you may have.

Vive le Roy!
Pour le bon Dieu, et pour le roi, servir est mon ambition.