On homosexual marriage

From Mark Amesse's Blog, Durandal [1]. Mark has reflections from the early church about homosexual marriage. Mark is a very convincing and prolific writer, he was instrumental in my decision to place aside my whigishness. For all that do not know what Durandal was... It was the sword carried by Roland, boyhood friend and companion of King St. Charlemagne.

Quo Usque Tandem?

When a man marries and is ready to offer himself to men in a feminine way. . . We order that norms be established, that the law be armed with an avenging sword, and that these infamous persons . . . receive the supreme punishment. (Law of December 16, 342 of Emperors Constantius and Constans that was included in the later Theodosian Code)

All persons having the shameful custom of condemning a man’s body to play the role of a woman . . . (for they seem not to be different from women) shall expiate this type of crime in avenging flames before the public. (Law of August 6, 390 promulgated by the Emperors Valentian II, Theodosius, and Arcadius)

In cases of penal suits, public prosecution will be guided by various statutes, including the Law Julia de Adulteris . . . that punishes with death [gladio] not only those who violate the marriages of others, but also those who commit acts of vile concupiscence with other men. (Law of December 30, 533 of Emperor Justinian)

Whereas certain men, overcome by diabolical incitement to practice among themselves the most unworthy lewdness and acts contrary to nature, we exhort them to be fearful of God and the coming judgment, and to abstain from such illicit and diabolical practices so that the just wrath of God may not fall upon them on account of these heathen acts, with the result that cities perish with all their inhabitants. For Sacred Scriptures teach us that similar impious acts caused the demise of cities with all their inhabitants. . . .

#1. And since such sins are the cause of famine, earthquakes, and plagues, we warn men to abstain from these acts so as not to lose their souls. But if, after this warning of ours, it should be discovered that any persist in such iniquity, they render themselves unworthy of God’s mercy and further will be subjected to the punishment established by law.

#2. Thus we order the most illustrious Prefect of the Capital to arrest those who persist in the aforesaid illicit and impious acts after they have been warned by us, and to inflict upon them the most severe punishments, so that the city and the State do not end by suffering on account of such iniquitous acts.
(Law of the year 538 of Emperor Justinian)

Posted on the Feast of St. Antidius, a.D. MMVIII.

Note: The quotations come from Atila Sinke Guimarães’ appendix to IN THE MURKY WATERS OF VATICAN II, Volume I

Thanks and tip of the beret to Mark Amesse.

de Brantigny

Note:As told in the Matter of France, Durendal. According to Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso it once belonged to Hector of Troy, and was given to Roland by Malagigi.

In The Song of Roland, the sword is said to contain within the hilt one tooth of Saint Peter, blood of Saint Basil, hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the poem, Count Roland attempts to destroy the sword to prevent it from being captured by the ambushing Saracens and creates La Brèche de Roland in the Pyrenees in the process. But Durendal proves indestructible, so he hurls it into a poisoned stream instead.

Local folklore claims Durendal still exists, preserved in Rocamadour, France. An inscription on Ogier the Dane's sword Curtana read My name is Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse (sword of Charlemagne) and Durendal.


feetxxxl said...

in 1500 years things havent changed much. the writer's capacity is limited to outward impressions which is the same as today.

there is no understanding of any spirit or inner fellowship. the focus is on the act, that is the limit of the writer's theology.

that was the relationship to the written code under the old covenant that paul says we no longer have and are instead led by and serve of the spirit(romans)

and when i have repeatedly asked what is the spirit of homosexuality that it would come against loving ones neighbor as oneself..........i receive no answer.

because it doesnt and never has, which is evident by the erroneous explanation of its negative effects which are as ridiculous as the ones that are given today.

de Brantigny said...

I hesitated to publish this comment, I did however, because I needed to demonstrate the fallacy of the thinking with a homosexual outlook.

My dear fellow, it is not I who focus on the physical aspects of a homosexual lifestyle it is those who daily demonstrate the deisre to be accepted by society which demonstrate in most graffic terms and sights of that degenerate desire.


Do not twist scripture to your own ways to justify your lifestyle. You can't. Even satan can quote scripture. Homosexuality n forgets one imprtant thing, to wit: two people of the same sex can not procreate naturally. All the tolerant, politically correct speaches, parades, mock marriages, warm and fuzzys will not change that. In your heart you know this is wrong.

Go with God

de Brantigny