Two New Blogs and a Site added to my Blogroll

I am adding 2 new blogs to my blogroll.

In the first the owner calls himself by his Nom-de-Plume, Pope Peter. The blog (located here) is a Catholic news blog, and is titled Pope Peter-Catholic News.

Bienvenue, Pape Pierre.

Catherine Delors has changed the name of her blog to "Versailles and more". Catherine is of Norman desent, as was Charlotte Corday. She resides at the center of the world, Paris.
Catherine is an authoress and has just published a work called Mistress of the Revolution.

Salut Madame!

I have also added a site called Vérité pour la Vendée , (truth for the Vendee). This is not a monacrhist site but one which in a humble way isatempting to reveal the true horror of the Catholic and Royalist uprising in the southwest of France during the Terror, and expose that which has been covered up for so long, Genocide.


de Brantigny


Catherine Delors said...

Thank you, Richard, for mentioning the changes to my blog. I agree with you: Paris is the center of the world.
And the Catholic and Royal Army plays a crucial part in my second novel.

de Brantigny said...

Catherine You probably haven't noticed that at the same time I added your novel, Elena-Maria's novels and Ben Kennedy's novel with a redirect to Amazon.


Catherine Delors said...

Thank you very much for doing so, Richard! Your help is greatly appreciated.

de Brantigny said...

It was long overdue. If I could figure out how to reduce the size of the photo I would place it higher on the blog.