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From my how can anyone think democracy works...

Liberals manufacture crisis' and convince the masses that only they can solve the crisis. They are then elected to run the government. Here are some examples...

In 2007 the City of Raleigh, North Carolina found itself, as well as other large cities in the area, in the midst of a level 1 drought. At first the city asked for voluntary water conservation, then the city enacted mandatory water restrictions with a warning for first time abuse, Then a small fine was enacted for first time abusers, then the city increased fines for abusers no first time grace. The city was able to reduce its requirements by 20%. Although we have several weeks of rain and the reservoirs have filled to overflowing, to the point that 50 million gallons are dumped each day into the Neuse River, the city has yet to remove the water restrictions. I wish that I could end the story there, unfortunately I can't. It seems that, the City of Raleigh in reducing the water use 20%, has lost revenue in water bills. So now there is an idea floating around Raleigh to increase the water tax by... 20%.

You are probably saying to yourself why don't they just lift the water restrictions?

Because there is a crisis!

Global Warming.

15 or 20 years ago the thought at the time was, that the world was cooling off. It was cooling because the greenhouse gasses were cutting off the sunlight and the mean temperature was dropping.

Then came the earth is warming up crowd. Lead by the ex-vice President Al Gore, it was proclaimed that the earth was heating up. We are going to burn to a crisp! The icecaps are melting, melting, like the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz. Polar bears are drowning, and icebergs the size of Connecticut are floating in the ocean. Pretty soon New York will be knee deep in water and all along the coasts of the world the land would become new additions to the sea.

I will give reasons why I don't.

First, I am from Chicago. The area now called Chicago, was once covered with ice. The earth was cooler, the ice sheet extended south to the Ohio river. One of the worlds tallest buildings the Sears tower, if it had been around then would have been covered by about a mile of ice. The tower, at 1,450 feet, would be under an additional 5280 feet of ice and snow. To put that in context imagine the i in imagine to be the Sears Tower. Ice would extend to the top of the second letter d in the word covered above it. The ice receeded not because of cars, carbon foot prints, or caveman industry. The Ice receeded because God said so. The sun warmed up the earth. We do not have the ablity to cool the sun. Truth is, the earth has been cooling during the last 10 years. Don't confuse a "Green" with the facts, their mind is made up. Temperatures have risen and fallen for millions of years.

Second, the "Earth is Warming" crowd are making a lot of demands on people, namely, raise less cattle (their farts are methane, a green house gas), don't have babies, ( gas for cars produces greenhouse gas, and going to the doctor, schools, stores just produces more), purchase a carbon offset, (plant a tree to prodce more oxygen, disregarding the fact that trees need CO2 to grow, a green housegas), etc, etc.

So my question is this, simply when will we know that the problem is solved? If the temperature has dropped a half of a degree? ...a whole degree? ...10 degree? When?

The liberal faction says they have the cure, raise the taxes on fuel, enforce restrictions which will be a detriment to our lifestyle, thrust us back into the third world. In all these senarios the only real cure is for them to be the ones in power. Only the liberal faction can save us! Halp me! Halp me! Pleeeze, somebody halp me! Unfortunately Al isnt preparted to live in a log cabin or drive a Hugo, he will just by trees in Washington state...

A High School teacher in Minnesota is taking her class going to Spain, has sent permission slips to parents for permission to allow them the privledge of drinking wine while there. The legel age in Spain is 17 to drink. A state congressman has weighed in, saying it is terribly worng to allow High school students to drink.

Three things: 1 This teacher has been doing this for 20 years, without incident. Now a government official deems it necessary to act like a big brother and enforce the state rules on Spain. 2. This representative is infering that parents are not smart enough to know their children or grant permission. (In the past some parents have opted out of the drinking permission and the teacher has enforced it. ) 3. No Crisis, just another elected official creating a crisis, that he alone can cure. I dont see the problem myself.

Dieu Le Roy.
de Brantigny

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