Primary day in North Carolina

It had to happen. The primary election will be held tomorrow. Usually in this political backwater the nominees would already be selected and we in the Old North State could be relaxing, sitting on the porch with a glass, watching the dog and the children frolic merrily in the yard as we listened to the deer birds warn strangers away from their nests, and impervious to the rangling of politics, so far beneath us.

But not this year. The political non-entities, all jockeying for a place in the great republics feeding trough are still fighting it out. It is not a case of who will win, but why bother. If I were a democrat, (which I am not,) the thought of voting and having my vote usurped by a "super delegate" would be unnerving. Whatever way I was to vote could be as meaningless as a proverbial f..t in the wind. What happened to "One vote, one man?" Oops, I forgot having been born in Chicago, what voting is there, (being dead is not and should not be an impediment to casting a vote. )

The only real primary will be the Democratic one. Vote for a woman socialist or vote for a man socialist. The program is the same, its just a different person saying it. Never mind the race thing.

The Republicans are still running McCain (who has been running since 2000, to get a good start) against who? So why go. Oh yes, there is that Gubernatorial election, judges and the like. But I have become very suspicious of anyone who is spending more money to be elected than will make in the course of the term.

I think this election cycle can be summed up quite nicely as I paraphrase the reason one female college student at Villanova said she will vote a democratic ticket, "My family have always been Democrats. " Ah ha! That's it! There's the reason!

Good thing her family weren't horse thieves.

Written by my hand this 5th day of May, 2008...
de Brantigny

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