Louis the Dauphin

Maria-Elena has a short article posted today about Louis the Dauphin. The only surviving son of Louis XV born of a pious mother Queen Marie he was brought up in a Christian atmosphere which he in turn imparted on his son the future Louis XVI. His ministrations and lessons he taught the young Louis XVI went a long way in imparting upon is character a sense of Christian morality and propriety, unknown to many of the nobility at the time.

...Louis the Dauphin was the only son of Louis XV and the father of three kings of France, including Louis XVI. According to Wikipedia:

Louis was rather plump. He was well educated: a studious man, cultivated, and a lover of music, he preferred the pleasures of conversation to those of hunting, balls, or spectacles. With a keen sense of morality, he was very much committed to his wife, Marie-Josèphe, as she was to him. Very devout, he was a fervent supporter of the Jesuits, like his mother and sisters, and was led by them to have a devotion to the Sacred Heart. He appeared in the eyes of his sisters as the ideal of the Christian prince, in sharp contrast with their father who was a notorious womanizer.

Kept away from government affairs by his father, Louis was at the center of the Dévots, a group of religiously-minded men who hoped to gain power when he succeeded to the throne...

Grand Dieu Sauve le Roy!
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