Focus on Liturgical Art, Sacred Art calls us to sacred time!

This article In "The Bloggernews" appeared on march 11, and I have been waiting patiently to post it today.

Sacred Art calls us to sacred time!

"Art for art’s sake, which only refers to the author, without establishing a relationship with the divine world, does not have its place in the Christian concept of the icon. No matter what style is adopted, all sacred art must express the faith and hope of the Church.The tradition of the icon shows that the artist must be conscious of fulfilling a mission of service to the Church. Authentic Christian art is that which, through sensible perception, gives the intuition that the Lord is present in his Church, that the events of salvation history give meaning and orientation to our life,that the glory that is promised us already transforms our existence. Sacred art must tend to offer us a visual synthesis of all dimensions of our faith. Church art must aim at speaking the language of the Incarnation and, with the elements of matter, express the One who“deigned to dwell in matter and bring about our salvation through matter” according to Saint John Damascene’s beautiful expression. "

DUODECIMUM SAECULUM (Veneration Of Holy Images)Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter of the Supreme Pontiff to the Episcopate of the Catholic Church on the occasion of the 1200th Anniversary of the Second Council of Nicaea.

Sacred art in the twenty-first century is often seen as an endeavor that harkens our Catholic Church back to a period of history when the Church was often the greatest patron of the arts and individual artisans. While we would like to believe the period of the Renaissance was the greatest period for the commissioning and execution of great works of art, the reality is much older than we sometimes know. The celebration of the 1200th Anniversary of the Second Council of Nicaea was a significant event during the pontificate of John-Paul II. It was during this anniversary that the late Holy Father expressed an acute understanding and appreciation of the sacred art traditions of both the Eastern and Western Church. more

Posted on March 11th, 2008
by Hugh McNichol

de Brantigny

I would like to thank the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) for this icon of Mary and Jesus.

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