Episcopal Bishop to Marry

Is there any wonder why people are flocking away from Christian Churches. The Catholic Church has struggled with homosexual priests, and has roundly and quite rightly been critisized for our dealing with it. Why is it therfore so positively tolerated that the following can happen? What has become of the Episcopalian Church? I think I recall St Thomas More stating at his trial that "silence implies consent*". Does the silence of the Episcopal Church imply consent or approval? How can Bishop Robinson say he is being moral when he openly professes, glories in and is scandalous about his homosexuality. Find he no conflict in this? As Sr. Elizabeth McDonough O.P. used to say, "Once a brick of doctrine has been removed from the wall of the Church, another and another must come down to keep the wall from falling, until there is no wall left."

Gay Bishop Soon to “Marry”

Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, an openly-gay bishop of the Episcopal Church’s New Hampshire Diocese, plans to enter a civil union in June. The controversial religious figure was consecrated a Bishop of the church on All Saints Day 2003 and became the Ninth Bishop of New Hampshire on 7 March 2004.

In an open discussion broadcast on C-SPAN, Robinson said: “I always wanted to be a June bride.” He will “marry” his partner of 20 years, Mark Andrew, next month.

Church officials have asked the leader to defer the rites until after the Lambeth Conference, a once-in-a-decade meeting of Anglican bishops, scheduled for July 2008. Robinson’s consecration as Bishop left the international sharply divided, and some worry about embroiling the upcoming council in further controversy on the issue of gay marriage. Robinson does not plan to reschedule his plans.

Robinson views himself as an advocate for civil rights and sees no conflict between his overt sexuality and his Christian vocation.

Click here to read the full story. On the same page of the London Times is an article which says, "Is Christianity Dying?".

*"Qui tacet consentit."

Vivate Christus Rex,
de Brantigny

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