The day after...Ah, democracy

Let me describe my drive into work today.

First some background. When I retired from active duty, my wife and I made an effort to move as far away as a military base as possible. I had been active for 22 years and 8 months, and I wanted some peace and quiet. Not because I didn't love the Corps, but because we needed a change from the Ou-Rah*.

We moved to Vance County, on the edge of the Piedmont of North Carolina. My wife's family has lived basically on the same land since it was granted to them by George II, about 1745.

Our home is surrounded by grandfather oak trees, maple, sweet gum, birch, and cedar. I keep 5 dogs who love to chase squirrels, and rabbits to the horror of my granddaughters and the delight of my grandson.

I regularly have deer, fox, raccoon and a pesky possum (who likes dog food) tracing paths in my lawn, which I cut when I want to.

But I digress. Yesterday was the primary election. Nothing has changed as I predicted on Monday. Hillary and Obama, are pretty much where they were, and McCain won handily against no opposition. Ah, democracy.

* It is the result of excessive motivation by Marines, and Navy Corpsmen which manifests itself by rising to the throat and exiting the body makes the sound, "OU-Rah!" . Can also be a mating sound between male Marines and female Marines. It replaces the older Semper Fi Mac, used by Marines my age and older, which was found to be discriminatory against the Scotish and Irish. The Army, being the sister service have a more feminine "Who- Ha"! ( OK just kidding!). Sailors and Airmen have no comparative call.

Vive le Roy.
de Barntigny

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