The Cell of the Reine-Martyre

Elena-Maria Vidal has posted a redirect from Laudem Gloriae with photos of the Reine-Martyre's prison cell in the Conciergie. It is hard not to imagine the way the cell appeared in 1793, even though there is a model of it. One thing you can not reproduce on a photo or in a movie, (although "Saving Private Ryan" came close.) is fear of the unknown. Now it is so sanitary, almost homey like. It is hard to imagine the fear, no not the fear for herself, for she felt I am sure none, but the angst Marie-Antoinette endured for her children, and her sister-in-law. Oh these French, even adopted French, are of such strong character.

Left: Marie Antoinette Imprisoned in the Conciergerie
The Marquise de Bréhan c. 1793-95

Christine of Laudem Gloriae has just returned from Paris with some marvelous photos of the Conciergerie, including the prison cell of Marie-Antoinette. The original cell was turned into a chapel by Louis XVIII, but a replica of how it would have looked in 1793 is also there. more

Thanks Elena-Maria.

Vive le Roy,
de Brantigny

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