Queen Marie Leszczynska

Elena Maria Vidal has a nice article on Tea at Trianon about the Grandmother of Louis XVI. Maria Karolina Zofia Felicja Leszczyńska was a long suffering woman this who bore every inequity with Christian Charity and reserve. She is the mother of a Beati, Madame Louise of France, known in religion as Sr. Thérèse of Saint Augustine.

Marie Leszczynska (1703-1768) was the queen of Louis XV, and the grandmother of Louis XVI. She was the last Queen of France before Marie-Antoinette. According to Jean Chalon, the author of Chère Marie-Antoinette, Queen Marie tightened up the rigorous court etiquette that Marie-Antoinette later relaxed because it was so suffocating. The daughter of a dethroned monarch and wife of a blatantly unfaithful husband probably needed the highly ritualized pomp to boost her morale and her rank more than did the "daughter of the Caesars." Yes, Marie Lesczynska's father was the dethroned king of Poland and her early life was complicated by upheaval and exile. Yet for this very reason, she was chosen to be the bride of the teenage Louis XV, because she had no political entanglements at all. Her father Stanislaus Leszczynski was delighted when asked for his daughter's hand, as is related here:

A messenger arrives from Versailles with a letter for Stanislaus. Shock! Delight! He rushes to where his wife and daughter sit talking and working at their needle-crafts.

"Down on our knees in thanks to God!"

"Are you restored to the Polish throne?"

"Heaven is still more gracious: you are queen of France."

They embraced with tears, and knelt to thank God for having delivered them from their trials.

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