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I will not post much today as it is the day of the Popes visit.

Here are my thoughts on the breakup of the fundamentalist Mormon Ranch in San Angelo, Texas. I will relate what I think.

First some background. It was reported that a 16 year old girl had made calls to the Texas State Child Welfare Agency stating that she had been sexually abused by her "spiritual husband". This prompted the child welfare agency to request that the county sheriff obtain warrants for searches to be conducted and any children there to be removed and placed in foster homes. An unprecedented 401 children were removed and place in protective custody.
The media have portrayed this as a measure to insure the safety of the children.

That this is a sect of Mormonism is true.

That this sect, man and woman believe in polygamy is true.

After that though, it gets foggy. To begin with the "16 year old abused girl" has never been found. Whether she exists at all is to me suspect. Since the removal of the woman and children there has been sufficient time to make herself known to the authorities. That she has not is telling.

"A culture of child sexual abuse existed at a West Texas ranch run by polygamists that was searched by police last week, state child welfare officials allege in court documents released Tuesday." NPR, 8 April 2008 Yet where is the 16 year old girl? Who is making the allegations, the welfare agency?
if that is true then reader we in the United States are in trouble.

"Most of those who took part in the search had never been near the compound, but they had heard well-documented rumors about what went on there, in part based on the sect's activities in Utah and Arizona." The Dallas Morning News, 9 April 2008. Since when is a rumor well documented? By its very nature a rumor is not reliable, when it is found to be true it is no longer a rumor it becomes fact.

The Dallas Morning news reported, "We have felt like we've known what was going on out there," the participant said. "Our assumptions have turned out to be true. Based on what? Isn't that for a court to decide?

"When a 17-year-old girl has two children, you can do the math." If one were to look real hard say in Eldorado, or Dallas, I am pretty sure that a number of pregnant 17, 16, 15, or even 14 year old girls could be found. Why all of a sudden did it matter in San Angelo?

Developments. The mothers of children have had them taken away and placed them in temporary foster homes. There have been no reports (that I have seen) of children who have showed signs of being beaten, or uncared for.

Dale Barlow, the 50-year-old man accused of marrying that girl and fathering her child, now lives in Arizona, and Texas authorities have declined to comment on whether they have been in contact with him. Mr. Barlow's probation officer told the Salt Lake Tribune that Mr. Barlow had denied knowing the girl.

What does this mean? It means that with out proof the government can come in and remove your children from your home. It doesn't matter if you are a fundamentalist Mormon, Christian, Jew, or Muslim. It is the seriousness of the charge which is at question not the veracity of the statement. Guilt or innocence does not matter. In a secular nation, you either toe the government line or look out.

Robespierre would be satisfied.

de Brantigny


John F. Triolo said...

This cult embraces polygamy. The are known to force girls as young as thirteen into group marriages with men in their fifties. They drive teenage boys out of their homes to make sure that the older men have enough women. Some of these things are contrary to natural law. Others are contrary to divine law. If this sect is eliminated then the net result is good.

de Brantigny said...

John you miss the point of the article. Sure they may be guilty, it is in the courts today. What if tomorrow they go after Boys Town? "You know how those priests are all pedophiles". Your comment sounds like Bill Maher. In this country we arrest on proof not on accusations.

Since when is the government the sect police to decide which is Natural law and Divine law? THAT is the point of the article.

I removed my former reply due to rushing for work.