Madame Royale and The Death of Innocence

Elena-Maria, has an article which is very important for us today on the Death of Innocence. It may be found here.

Watching the Fox News yesterday as I was getting ready for work, a news article came on which showed several young girls beating another girl up and filming it. She had been lured by another girl whom she thought was her friend, but whom had betrayed her. Trust. Perhaps, in time to come she will learn to trust again. The reason she had been attacked? So the girls could be stars on Youtube. A betrayal of trust.

As adults we are to be the ones that the youth looks up to, to emulate, to help grow. Some 213 years ago, in a place which was assuredly no stranger to child mortality, a young boy was allowed to die by starvation and neglect. Unfortunately stories usually end there. Maybe we just want to sanitize our life when we hear of such stories, we always look for a happy ending. As a case manager in a prison I can tell you that no evil ever perpetrated ever just ends. There is a cycle which extends way past the original crime amongst the families, not only of the victims but also of the perpetrators. An evil such as this is all the more heinous when the crime is done, not in ones own name, but in the name of a nation.

One of the most difficult portions of my life is Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome. It makes my life a burden sometimes. I think the description of Madame Royale is a true and well researched characterization of one who is thus afflicted. I know how she must have felt, especially the first sentence...

"She did not know why she had been spared. Her inner suffering increased as she discovered that it is sometimes more agonizing to live than to die....It would feel so strange to be out in the world again; so strange and so frightening. The Temple was the only home she had known since she was fourteen. To leave it would be severing the last links with her family. She would be going to a distant land, a penniless orphan, to relations she did not know. She, Madame Royale...."

~From Trianon by Elena Maria Vidal

Dieu le Roy,
de Brantigny

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