le petit hameau.

If Marie-Antoinette were alive today and the Queen of France the media, cable news, radio and papers would be still be hounding her. I can see it as clearly now..., "This Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France, the spoiled partygirl and former Austrian Princess, born into untold riches, today bought a farm near her expensive private house "Trianon" to grow her own organic food. Although she stated in a rare interview that it was a cost cutting measure, critics claim it is another slight to the surrounding farmers, in order to put them out of business. In a similar move last year she almost put the dyers and dress makers out of business when she attempted to institute a new fashion by wearing her shift as a dress. It seems the King who is known to be fond of his young wife turns a blind eye to her lavish lifestyle. Gal pals Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie were seen lazing in the pool of Trianon, sans clothing and sipping cocktails most of the day... In other news..."*

Calumny was always a part of La Reine-Martyre's life. In an expensive war to help the American rebels fight against their lawful monarch, France was pushed into bankruptcy. The Queen, although long accused of being a spendthrift, faced the problems of raising her children with very modest means. No longer being able to count on the treasury for funds, Marie-Antoinette developed a model farm, whereby the table at Trianon and Versailles could be supplemented and supplied. This farm also studied ways in which farms within France could be improved. It was hoped these improvements could provide a way to increase food production within France itself and thereby alleviate shortages and hunger. Unfortunately, her detractors, even knowing the reasons for which the farm was constructed attacked it (and still attack her for it) as though it were an attack against the people of France.

Elena-Maria has a very good bit on Le Petit Hameau de la Reine which may be found here...

Thanks and a tip-o-the-beret to Elena-Maria.

* This news report was a fabrication in order to illustrate a point. Incidentally, Marie-Antoinette would never have permitted the plebeians Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie on the grounds of Versailles or Trianon.

Vive la Reine! Vive Le Roy!
de Brantigny

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