Another Royal Princess

On 16 April, 2008 Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium celebrated the birth of their fourth child, Princess Eleonore Fabiola Victoria Anne Marie. Princess Eleonore shares a birthday with Pope Benedict XVI.

May God always look down upon you with gladness little Eleonore.

Dieu Le Roy.
de Brantigny

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful children! May God bless little Princess Eleonore and her family.

It's a pity Belgium is in such trouble these days. Moral and religious degeneration, political division. I have an interest and sympathy in this little kingdom and I think it's tragic.

We ought to pray to Our Lady of Banneux and Beauraing, and to the highly respected Belgian 20th century mystic, Berthe Petit, for the country.

Interestingly, Berthe Petit, who experienced a number of revelations of a religious and political nature, received a message from Our Lord that Belgium should be solemnly consecrated to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, but I don't know that this was ever done. Maybe if the consecration had been performed as Our Lord requested, Belgium would be in less trouble now.

Best wishes,

de Brantigny said...

Mary, Etes-vous Belge? This stroy is so old I thought nbo one read it. Thanks for the comment.

I had not heard that little Bertha had visions. What does the Chuch say about them?

They are a hansome family arent they is how the Family od Louis XVI must have been .

de Brantigny

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

No, I'm not Belgian, so maybe it sounds eccentric that I'm so interested in the country, but I just like little European countries with interesting histories.

I don't think the Church has ever found anything wrong in the visions of Berthe Petit ( 1870?-1942 ). As far as I know, she was highly regarded during her time by the religious authorities. There are a couple of nice books about her, and her role in promoting devotion to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Of course, none of these private revelations are on the level of the dogmas of the Faith.

Thank you for your lovely blog and God bless,