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To anyone who may desire to comment on any of my posts. You are welcome provided you adhere to a few simple rules.

1) Do not post a comment and sign in "Anonymous". I will not publish these. I find it cowardly to comment as anonymous. If you are not brave enough to place your name on it save it. I equate this kind of commenting with tagging a wall with paint. No moral courage.

2) If you dispute an article, and you care to make a comment fine. If I ask you on the other hand for a reference, please back it up. Otherwise I have to assume you are mouthing what some liberal professor told you and (or perhaps you are some liberal professor)you are intellectually lazy. Repeating to me what you said in capitals does not make it true, it makes you a part of the mob. I hate the mob.

3) A comment that redirects to spam is not allowed, ever.

4) The unbridled use of profane, blasphemous,language is not allowed, nor is any calumny.

C'est tout.
de Brantigny

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