On the Value of Voting

On the Value of Voting-- By Chris Triolo
This article was written in response to a piece by John F. Triolo which I published on March 7 2008. This reply is written by his father Chris Triolo. The original article may be found here. I reserve the privedge of standing on this argument.

I am not as eloquent a writer as my son, the author of “On the value of not voting”. To be honest, many of the platitudes he attempted to debunk, I simply accepted at face value over the years. Nonetheless, I’vote now been forced to give it some thought and I will attempt to make the case for exercising one’s “obligation”, “civic duty”, “following the herd” or, more correctly, one’s right to vote.

The author set forth logical reasons why voting abstinence or non-participation should be considered an acceptable practice. I will attempt to be logical as well, but it is important to recognize that very few of the choices we make, from buying a house or car, to whom we choose as friends, to what we eat for lunch, are made solely on the basis of logic. Emotions can and should play an important role in the decisions we make and voting counts as one of those decisions. More

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