My two cents

I am writing this in response to the articles on voting. Having published both father and son Triolo, I am compelled to opine.

As a monarchist I cannot vote. I find several reasons for this, but first allow me to give my bona-fides. I am a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant, honorably discharged. I served from January 1973 to September 1995. My career spanned from the Vietnam War, (not a participant) to the first Gulf War (4th MEB), and Haiti. I have been stationed in Italy, Sicily, Japan, and the Philippines. I have made 3 tours aboard ship. I am as loyal to this country as any man or woman, and better I think than many. I was prepared to die if necessary for the country and freedom. I am not bent on the violent overthrow of the United States. I do have difficulties with our type of government. My first election was in 1976, for Jimmy Carter, I was a demorcrat. He was elected I became disillusioned, and became a republican. I have since recovered. I base my decision on what I think are valid reasons which are found on other articles on my blog.

Authority comes from God not the people. Scripture says so. "You would have no power over Me unless it had been given you from above... (John 19:11) now this is Jesus talking to a pagan. Even the authority of pagan authority derives their power from God. See my past article on democracy ...And again, "Let every person be subordinate to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been established by God..." Can anyone demonstrate to me how an elected official in this country shows his subordination to God? Bush, Clinton, Obama, McCain? On the contrary they attempt to pander for the votes of the people. Any elected official will tell you he is working for the people. This statement alone show that their allegiance is to the people. Since they don't regard God as the source of their authority, voting for them may be regarded as a sin, as something contrary to God. This is especially so if that vote allows that person the opportunity to bring the nation into conflict with Gods law, which it frequently does.

Voting is an immoral decision. A moral decision is a decision from which no evil may be derived, not simply the lesser of two evils. Once elected, the official, does not have to follow any promises he or she made to get elected. This person is beholden to whom? The people? Certainly not the constituancy. Certainly not God. How many times this election cycle have we heard something along the lines of, "I won't allow my faith to interfer with my job as president, or "My preacher doesn't speak for me." Allow me to translate this, Their personal beliefs are not formed by any religion, as they have none. Well mine are. My Catholic Faith colors every aspect of my life, my decisions, my job, my marriage, my children. I would not want an elected official who has no base, especially if that base is not God. Again is not one who abates a sin is guilty as well.

Last thing, it was a vote which sent Jesus to the Cross. see Mark 15:6-15 Douay Rheims

Upon his return Jesus will be the King of the world, not the president. I'll wait.

Vive le Roy,
de Brantigny


John Triolo said...

Well reasoned, if reactionary (which is, of course, a good thing)Thanks for joining the debate.

de Brantigny said...

I prefer counter-revolutionary if I had my own way. Reactionary is oh so communist.

Thanks. Richard