Democracy be Hanged!

Mark has developed a new blog at Durandal. For those who are new to this blog Durandal is the name of the sword of Roland. Mark has witten 2 articles which may be found here.

It is important for me to clarify in this introductory piece what I mean by modern democracy. The Catholic Church permits various forms of government; provide they grant her freedom and are able to secure the spiritual and temporal common good of their citizens; for the form of government nations are to take was not passed down in the Deposit of Faith. This does not however mean that all forms are equal at all times and everywhere, and the Church gives a great deal of liberty when discussing the merits of different forms of government.[1] I will use that liberty to argue in favor of monarchism as the "the best of all governments”[2], but not here. I will save that for a future date. In this series I desire only to discuss the inherent inferiority and dangers of liberal modern democracy. more

Thanks a and a tip of the beret to Mark at Durandal.

Vivate Christus Rex.
de Brantigny

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