Anne-Lorraine Schmitt

It took me a while to find out why this young woman was on almost every French Royalist site I read. Her name is Anne-Lorraine Schmitt, she was a French journalism student. She had been discovered near death on the morning of Sunday, November 25, 2007, in the railroad station in Creil. She had been stabbed several times with a knife as she struggled to defend herself and her honour from the heinous intentions of a Turkish rapist. He had been convicted for rape previously. The previous crime happened on the same railway line in 1996. For that attack he was sentenced to five years in prison. He had used his weapon of choice in that attack as well, a knife.

May God allow Philippe Schmitt to persevere. May he protect you in your sorrow and sustain you in your hour of need.May He bring you comfort in the sure knowledge that Anne is in Heaven.

de Brantigny

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